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2021 moldova rosa aluminum light poles

In the competitive landscape of 2019, a discerning Australian customer entrusted Yaolong with a golden opportunity to shine, stepping away from their former supplier Nanjing Miracle due to quality and packaging concerns.

Challenges arose as the customer sought an aluminum tapered tube with a remarkably small diameter—testing the limits of our spinning capabilities. The Nantong factory’s equipment, tailored for larger diameters, required a pioneering approach to meet this unique demand.

Enter Manager Huang, a beacon of innovation at the Nantong factory, who spearheaded the quest for a solution. Through relentless research and meticulous craftsmanship, a new aluminum alloy fixture mold was born, paving the way for success.

After rigorous trials and tribulations, the moment of truth arrived. The spun aluminum tapered tube emerged, boasting an upper caliber of 51mm and a lower caliber of 76mm—a true testament to Yaolong’s commitment to excellence and adaptability.

With eager anticipation, the customer received the meticulously crafted goods and their satisfaction reverberated like a symphony in the air—a harmonious melody of triumph and collaboration. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a flourishing partnership that continues to blossom to this day.

At Yaolong, we seize every challenge as an opportunity to innovate, exceed expectations, and forge lasting relationships with our valued customers worldwide. Join us on this journey of transformation and excellence as we illuminate the path to success together!

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