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Square Light Pole

Poles for lighting parks and various locations.

Product Name: YLDG-SP Square Light Pole

Height: Available from 3 – 12 meters(10 – 40 feet )

Materials: Aluminum 6063-T6 or Stainless Steel 201/304/316

Thickness: 2.5 – 6 mm (0.1 – 0.25 inches)

Size: 76/101/127mm (3/4/5 inches)

Wind Resistant:  ≥180KM/H

Lead Time: 15 Days

Warranty: 10 Years

ISO 9001

Step into a world where elegance meets efficiency, where illumination transcends mere functionality to become a work of art. Behold the Square Light Pole – a beacon of light in the urban landscape, a symbol of modernity and style.

Imagine strolling down a vibrant city street at dusk, greeted by the warm, inviting glow of Square Light Poles standing tall like silent sentinels. Their sleek, minimalist design adds a touch of sophistication to the surroundings, accentuating the beauty of the architecture and enhancing the ambiance of the space.

Crafted with precision and care, these light poles are not just fixtures; they are statements of ingenuity and craftsmanship. Made from high-quality materials, such as aluminum or steel, they are built to withstand the test of time, braving the elements with resilience and grace.

Moreover, the versatility of Square Light Poles knows no bounds. Whether lining a bustling avenue, illuminating a cozy park, or accentuating a commercial plaza, these poles can seamlessly blend into any environment, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the space.

So, next time you look up at the night sky and marvel at the city lights, remember the unsung heroes that make it all possible – the Square Light Poles, standing tall and proud, casting their luminous spell on the world below. Illuminate your surroundings with style, choose Square Light Poles – where form meets function, and beauty shines bright.

square light pole

Electroplating Colors

Stainless steel plating can be achieved in a variety of colors through processes such as physical vapor deposition or electroplating.

Electroplating is a common method used for stainless steel light pole surface treatment. In this process, a thin layer of another metal (like zinc, nickel, or chromium) is deposited onto the stainless steel surface using an electric current. This layer provides protection against corrosion, wear, and enhances the aesthetics of the pole.

Electroplating is popular because it offers a durable and uniform coating that can withstand outdoor conditions. It also allows for different finishes and colors to be applied to the stainless steel, providing a customized look to the light poles.

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