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YLDG-EM Multifunctional Traffic Light Pole

HeightAvailable from 3 – 12 meters(10 – 40 feet )
MaterialsAluminum 6063-T6Stainless Steel 201/304/316
Thickness2.5 – 6 mm0.1 – 0.25 inches
Diameter60 – 255 mm2.5 – 10 inches
Wind Resistant ≥120KM/H
Lead Time15 Days
Warranty10 Years

ISO 9001

The multifunctional traffic light pole integrates traffic signaling, surveillance, and communication capabilities into a single robust structure, optimizing space and functionality.

Equipped with LED traffic lights, surveillance cameras, and communication antennas, these poles enhance traffic management and public safety while supporting smart city initiatives.

Their modular design allows for easy customization and expansion to accommodate evolving technological and urban infrastructure needs.

Imagine a single solution that combines essential elements such as traffic lights, cameras, and traffic knowledge plate lights into a cohesive unit. With Yaolong’s multifunctional light pole, your cityscape will not only be enhanced but also optimized for safety and efficiency.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the rod body of our light pole features stainless steel plating, ensuring longevity and reliability in all conditions.

Say goodbye to cluttered streets and hello to a more polished and integrated urban environment. Yaolong’s multifunctional light pole is not just a practical addition but a statement of modernity and progress.

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