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YLDG-E Aluminum Curved Garden Light Pole

HeightAvailable from 3 – 12 meters(10 – 40 feet )
MaterialsAluminum 6063-T6Stainless Steel 201/304/316
Thickness2.5 – 6 mm0.1 – 0.25 inches
Diameter60 – 255 mm2.5 – 10 inches
Wind Resistant ≥120KM/H
Lead Time15 Days
Warranty10 Years

YLDG-E15000761524.0 1500100050080×250298x298x12
YLDG-E26000761524.0 1500100050080×250298x298x12
YLDG-E37000761664.0 1800120050080×250298x298x12
YLDG-E48000761804.0 18001200500100×300305x305x19
YLDG-E59000761804.0 20001500500100×300305x305x19
YLDG-E610000762004.0 20001500500100×300305x305x19

This is a made-to-order item. Customized services are available for quantities above ten pieces. We offer a 20-year warranty for our aluminum and stainless steel outdoor light poles. With a daily output of 300 sets, we can accommodate urgent delivery requirements due to our substantial stock of aluminum and stainless steel light poles.

An aluminum curved garden light pole is a type of outdoor lighting fixture specifically designed for gardens or landscapes. These poles are made of aluminum, which provides durability and resistance to weather conditions. The curved design of the pole adds a decorative touch to the outdoor space while also supporting the placement of lighting fixtures to illuminate the garden or pathway.

The curved design of these garden light poles can serve various purposes, such as directing light more effectively onto the street and sidewalk areas, enhancing visibility, and creating a unique aesthetic appeal for the lighting infrastructure in urban and suburban settings.

Aluminum is a popular choice of material for garden light poles due to its lightweight properties, corrosion resistance, and durability. These characteristics make aluminum light poles suitable for outdoor environments where they are exposed to weather elements and require long-term performance and minimal maintenance.

Conical Pole

Straight Pole

Stepped Pole

Segmented Pole


This aluminum outdoor light pole is 4.0mm thick, with a 2.36-inch diameter taper at the top and a 5.24-inch butt diameter. The common shaft length is 6 meters (20ft) and is made from aluminum alloy 6063T6. Aluminum light poles offer a pleasing appearance, lightweight construction, and high corrosion resistance, making them ideal for projects requiring aesthetics and durability in locations such as driveways, bridges, seaside areas, and squares.


The pole shaft is extruded from new seamless 6063 alloy aluminum and heat-treated to a T6 temper for enhanced strength and durability.


This street light pole can be purchased with lights or you can choose your own luminaires to suit your specific lighting needs.

Access Door

A door hatch is robot laser-cut at 0.5m from the base end of the pole assembly. A reinforced hand hole with hardware and grounding bolts is provided for easy access and maintenance.

Anchor Base

The base plate is cast from die-cast aluminum ASTM A36 and circumferentially welded to the shaft. The complete assembly undergoes heat treatment to a T6 temper for durability and stability.

YLDG-B2166298 x29812210×210
YLDG-B3180305 x30519210×210
YLDG-B4200305 x30819210×210

hinge base

Hinge base

A hinge base for a light pole refers to a type of base design where the pole is connected to its foundation or support structure through a hinge mechanism. This allows the pole to pivot or swing at the base, providing flexibility and movement in response to external forces such as wind or impact.

direct burial light pole

A direct burial light pole is a type of lighting pole that is designed to be directly buried into the ground without the need for a separate base or foundation. By burying the pole directly into the ground, they provide a streamlined and low-profile installation without the need for above-ground bases or mounting hardware.

Anchor bolts
Anchor bolts

Constructed from galvanized steel Q235B, the anchor bolts are provided with four foundation bolts featuring an “L” bend on the lower end and two flat washers. The top of the bolts has a square locating plate for secure installation.

Finish Options

The standard finish for the outdoor driveway street light pole includes satin brush clear anodized and powder-coated options. Additional finish options are available upon customer request. Please consult our suppliers for special finishing requirements.

Packaging & Loading

At Yaolong, we prioritize the protection of our premium light poles from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to your project site.

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