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A davit arm light pole is a type of lighting structure that features a unique and functional design, typically used for illuminating specific areas or objects with precision and flexibility. The term “davit arm” refers to a type of mechanism commonly found on ships or boats used for hoisting or lowering heavy objects, such as lifeboats or cargo.

In the context of light poles, a davit arm light pole consists of a vertical pole with an extended horizontal arm, resembling a davit mechanism, that allows for the attachment of lighting fixtures at the end of the arm. This design feature enables the light fixtures to be positioned away from the main pole, providing a wider reach and specific directional lighting for targeted areas.

Davit arm light poles are commonly used in various outdoor lighting applications where precise lighting control is required, such as:

Architectural Lighting:

Davit arm light poles are popular in architectural lighting projects where accent lighting is needed to highlight specific architectural features, sculptures, signage, or monuments. The adjustable arm allows for precise positioning of the light beam to create dramatic effects and visually enhance the surroundings.

Landscape Lighting:

In outdoor spaces such as parks, gardens, and walkways, davit arm light poles can be used to illuminate pathways, seating areas, or landscaping features with focused and adjustable lighting. The flexibility of the arm allows for customization of the light distribution to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the outdoor environment.

Sports Lighting:

Davit arm light poles are also employed in sports lighting applications, such as lighting for tennis courts, outdoor sports fields, or recreational facilities. The ability to position the light fixtures at a distance from the main pole enables uniform and glare-free lighting coverage for optimal visibility during sports activities.

Security Lighting:

For security and surveillance purposes, davit arm light poles can be utilized to provide directed lighting for parking lots, building perimeters, or sensitive areas that require enhanced visibility and deterrence against intruders. The adjustable arm allows for strategic placement of the light source to maximize coverage and minimize shadows.

Overall, davit arm light poles offer a versatile and practical lighting solution for various outdoor environments, combining functional illumination with a distinctive design element. Their ability to provide focused and adjustable lighting makes them a popular choice for projects where precise lighting control and aesthetic appeal are essential.


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