Giant tall flagpole
Height up to 150 meters

A symbol of grandeur and strength, elevate your flags to new heights, dominating the skyline with your flag unfurled in the heavens.

Giant Tall Flagpole

Product name:Giant Round Conical Flagpole
Materials:Stainless Steel 201/304/316
Height:≥50 Meters / 165 Ft
Wall thickness:15~35 MM / 0.6~1.4 Inches

One-stop Service

Let customers rest assured and trust is our service purpose. One stop service reduces the customer’s troubles in design, quality, transportation and installation.

Design services: We are the only flagpole factory with R&D and design departments in China.

Inspection and flaw detection: We have a third-party testing agency that can assist you in quality testing.

Transportation and packaging: We have several cooperative transportation companies that can guarantee delivery to your destination.

Installation technical guidance: We have professional high flag pole installation engineers who can provide on-site guidance.

ISO 9001
  • Custom Design & Flagpole Installation Services
  • Electrically Operated Flag Winch And Winch Control System
  • Flag Halyard And Retaining System
  • Heavy Duty, Fully Rotating Upper Flag Truck And Pulley System
  • Custom Designed Anchoring Systems
  • Steel Anchor Bolt Templates For Foundation Installation
  • Flange Connection Hardware
  • Aircraft Warning Light Systems
  • Internal Access Platforms, Ladders, And Fall Arrest System
  • 3-Coat Epoxy Anti-Corrosion Painting System (Internal & External)
  • Engineering Analysis Based On Local Conditions
  • Recommended Foundation Design & Drawings Based On Local Conditions And Soil Samples
  • Delivery, On-Site Flagpole Assembly And Erection Available

Flagpole Production

Yaolong factory has a series of advanced production equipment and dozens of technicians with more than 20 years of steel experience.
Please kindly check the surface of pole in powder coated treatment. They are beautiful and delicate.

Packing & Shipping

Packing: We wrap each flagpole in plastic bag and fake cotton. This plays a very good protective effect.

Shipping: Use a skeletal container to load the largest section of the flagpole, as well as the Top final. And we used nine 40ft Open Top Containers with nine sections left and loaded the accessories to one 20GP. (1 skeletal container + 9 *40’OT +1*20GP)

Flagpole Foundation

When the flagpole is transported, the construction team workers can build the foundation in advance. This will speed up the installation cycle.


1)Patent customized rotatable top final
2)Customize counterweight to ensure the flag floats stably (connect with SS rope)
3)Customize the direction bean to fix the flag beside the pole (connect with SS rope)
4)Siemens servo drive, customized remote controller
5) Provide aviation lights and lightning rods.
6) Explosion proof lamps are set inside the rod body

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110 Meters Flagpole - Saudi Arabia

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56 Meters Stainelss Steel Flagpole - Heihe, China

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Giant Flagpole

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