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Stainless Steel Light Pole

A perfect blend of durability, modern aesthetics, and corrosion resistance for effective outdoor illumination.

Application of Stainless Steel Light Pole

commonly used for outdoor lighting in various settings such as parking lots, streets, parks, and commercial or industrial areas
due to their durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal.

Electroplating Colors

Stainless steel plating can be achieved in a variety of colors through processes such as physical vapor deposition or electroplating.

Electroplating is a common method used for stainless steel light pole surface treatment. In this process, a thin layer of another metal (like zinc, nickel, or chromium) is deposited onto the stainless steel surface using an electric current. This layer provides protection against corrosion, wear, and enhances the aesthetics of the pole.

Electroplating is popular because it offers a durable and uniform coating that can withstand outdoor conditions. It also allows for different finishes and colors to be applied to the stainless steel, providing a customized look to the light poles.

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