Electric-operated Flagpole
Automatic raising & lowering

stainless steel flagpole

Elevate your flag-raising experience with convenience and style. Embrace technology, elevate tradition with electric flagpoles. Fly your flag with pride, effortlessly.

Electric-operated Flagpole

Product Name: Aluminum / Stainless Steel Conical Electric-operated Flag Pole

Materials: Aluminum 6063-T6 or Stainless Steel 201/304/316

Height: 10~50 Meters / 30~165 Ft

Wall Thickness: 4~15 MM / 0.16~0.6 Inches

Product Appearance: Integrated Molding Without Weld

Product Surface: Bright Surface

Product Features: Never Rust, High Hardness, Smooth Surface Without Defects

Use Environment:  Enterprises, Schools, Government Units, Sports Games, International Exhibitions, Square Construction Projects, Home, Hotels, etc.


Dual backup system to ensure that the flag-raising ceremony is foolproof.

Servo motor system, flag raising accuracy to 0.001s.

The whole rotating system of the rod body prevents the flag from winding.

Pneumatic system, raising flags and flying flags.

ISO 9001

Electric-operated Flagpole Specification

ModelHeight(M)TOP OD(MM)BASE OD(MM)MaterialThickness(MM)Motor WattageBase Plate(mm)Wind Speed
YLDG10010M / 32ft80180SS304/3162.5150W320*320*1412
YLDG12012M / 40ft80200SS304/3162.5150W320*320*1412
YLDG15015M / 50ft80230SS304/3163.0 180W400*400*1812
YLDG18018M / 60ft80260SS304/3163.0 700W400*400*2212
YLDG20020M / 65ft80280SS304/3163.0 700W500*500*2412
YLDG25025M / 82ft80330SS304/3164.0 1000W500*500*2812
YLDG30030M / 100ft80380SS304/3164.0 1000W700*700*3212

Various Electroplating Colors

Cultural Totem Customization

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your flagpole? Look no further! Yaolong, renowned for its expert craftsmanship in flagpole manufacturing, offers a unique customization option – laser engraving technology. 

With laser precision, we can transform a simple flagpole into a work of art, carving intricate totem patterns that reflect your individuality and style. Whether it’s a family crest, a national emblem, or a meaningful symbol, let your flag fly high with pride.

Our skilled artisans at Yaolong understand the importance of attention to detail and quality. Each flagpole undergoes meticulous engraving to ensure the totem pattern is flawlessly displayed, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space.

Stand out from the crowd and make a statement with a personalized flagpole from Yaolong. Embrace creativity, celebrate heritage, and showcase your unique identity with our custom totem engraving service. Elevate your flag, elevate your spirit!

Electric flagpole introduction

Yaolong electric remote control flagpole adopts international advanced microcomputer control technology, which can accurately and effectively raise and lower the flag.

The control and broadcast linkage function can network multiple flagpoles to achieve group rise, group fall, group stop, and synchronization degree can be reached 0.1 seconds.


  • Through the motor and related electrical devices, the flag can be controlled by buttons or remote controls.
  • The electric device can meet the requirements of a wide range of flagpoles (10 to 30 meters) and has automatic learning function.
  • The controller has beautiful appearance, simple operation interface and easy to use.
  • Flag rope adopts special stainless steel wire rope, placed inside the flagpole, durable.
  • The motor is small in size, low in noise, and safely installed inside the flagpole.

The electric flagpole is equipped with automatic music and amplification device, so that the electric flagpole plays the national anthem while raising the flag, which shows the solemn atmosphere when raising the flag. After adding the amplification device, the flag can be reported or preached on the flag platform (applicable to government agencies, schools, star-rated hotels, Sino-foreign joint ventures, etc.).

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Electric Flagpole

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