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how to purchase aluminum light poles

Here’s a guide on how to purchase aluminum light poles from China, specifically from a manufacturer like Yaolong:

1️⃣ Start by reaching out to Yaolong through their sales team with your inquiries.

2️⃣ Provide detailed specifications for your aluminum light poles, including height, design preferences, and any specific requirements for wind resistance.

3️⃣ Yaolong will create customized drawings based on your needs for your approval.

4️⃣ Once you confirm the drawings, finalize the pricing and contract terms with Yaolong.

5️⃣ Place your production order, and Yaolong will keep you informed about the production progress.

6️⃣ Before shipping, confirm packaging details and agree on the expected delivery timeline with Yaolong.

Ready to illuminate your projects with premium aluminum light poles from China? Connect with Yaolong today to get started!


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