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Horizontal Medal Award Flagpole With Automatic Raising System

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Nantong Yaolong Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan, the center of the Pearl River Delta, which enjoys the title of “national manufacturing base”. It is a comprehensive modern enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum flag pole.

Flagpoles, award flagpoles, and other products, our company has produced flag pole products for 20 years, forming a good market reputation. National and government areas of large-scale project image projects are designated to use Yao dragon flagpole. It has successfully become the selected flagpole brand of Tian ‘anmen Rotunda, Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Winter Olympics, National Museum, Fujian Straits International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai World Expo, Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade, Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Guangzhou Olympic Sports Center, Shantou Asian Youth Games, Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Qatar World Cup Plaza, and Fujian Xiamen New Convention and Exhibition Center. It has made great contributions to the smooth development of national sports events.

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R&D Team

Yaolong has an excellent R&D Department focusing on new appearance design and physical design, which plays a leading role in customer service.


CNC Spinning Equipment


A horizontal press allows the deformation process of the tube and the tapering of the various trunks to different diameters. Making a tapered pole with a high aesthetic impact makes the difference in urban-type installations

Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting

The cutting operations are performed with laser source machinery capable of guaranteeing maximum precision in cuts, holes and slots and any other processing required by the project of the particular pole.

T6 Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment of aluminum flag poles is a process frequently used to enhance the mechanical properties and improve the overall performance of the material, making them more durable and suitable for outdoor applications.

Aluminum alloy oxidation coloring is a fascinating process that adds not just color, but also enhanced durability and corrosion resistance to aluminum light poles.

Powder coating is a popular finishing technique for aluminum light poles! It provides a durable and attractive finish that protects the metal from corrosion and weathering.

Private Customization

One-stop Custom Flagpole Factory

Cultural totem customization
Cultural Totem Customization
flag pole
Various Oxidation Colors

Big Projects We Supported

Driven by customer needs and product development concepts,
Provide high quality products, system solutions and a full range of technical support services.

Flagpole Common Knowledge

Flagpole Height

1, If the enterprise flagpole is generally 3 or 5, the middle of the flagpole is the national flag, the two sides are the enterprise flag, the enterprise flag is generally half a flag shorter than the national flag pole, the middle flag shall not exceed 30 meters.

2, The government and the military generally use a national flag pole, the height can not exceed 30 meters, the general height of 12 meters to 28.8 meters.

3, The square flagpole height is generally 18 meters ~29.8 meters.

4, The general height of the stadium flagpole is 9 meters to 15 meters.

5, The hotel flagpole is both luxurious and solemn, the general height is between 12 meters ~19.8 meters, generally with 5 Chinese flags in the middle, and the flags of other countries or the hotel’s own flags on both sides.

6, The school flagpole is generally used a flagpole, raising the Chinese national flag, the height of 12 to 15.8 meters.

7, The factory flagpole generally uses 3 flagpoles, can also be used 5 or more, the height is generally 8 meters ~15.8 meters, such as the factory or office building for multi-storey can choose higher.

Spacing Of Flagpoles

The distance between the flagpole and the flagpole is generally greater than or equal to the width of the flag, if there are more flagpoles, the spacing can be appropriately reduced.

Flagpole Platform

The color of the flagpole platform is generally white, black, Indian red, three colors, and the shape can be designed by the designer, but the embedded parts of the flagpole should be pre-buried and should take into account that there are 120~200mm between the base of the flagpole and the flagpole

Crown Selection

The government and enterprises and institutions can choose round ball or flat top ball, the ball can be plated with titanium gold, the star hotel can choose crown type, also can be gold and silver two kinds and can choose different size of the ball crown according to different heights.

Manual, electric, pneumatic application and use method

1. Manual flag-raising is suitable for flagpoles below 15 meters.

2, The electric flagpole is suitable for 12 meters ~30 meters, if more than 25 meters, it is best to use two national anthem flag.

3, Electric flag-raising is usually manual button, electric and remote control electric three, for the seriousness of raising the flag, the regular flag should be used to raise the manual button, the flag raiser faces the front, the left side press the button (eyes only look at the front and do not look at the button and Tiananmen Square flag) test when the flag can be raised by remote control.

4, The wind flagpole is usually suitable for indoor places where there is no wind, such as the opening ceremony or closing ceremony in the stadium and the live TV broadcast of the wind flagpole does not need to install a downwind device.

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